Jun 232005

I mowed the grass this past Saturday and got quite hot. The result was that I got a significant case of vertigo, yet without the dizziness. Overall, a pretty interesting experience. Probably the closest I’ll be getting to a “quality” drug high anytime soon. 😉 I think what I missed the most was the crazy color halucinagenic effect. Maybe next time I need to be prepared with a personal laser light show, or maybe just a few quality lights from ThinkGeek. Now if just all of my future mowing experiences could take me on that Magic Carpet Ride experience! 😉

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  4 Responses to “Mowing Induced Vertigo”

  1. Hmmm, could explain the large crop-circles mowed into your lawn … 😉

  2. Well that explains the Lawn Circles in the front yard. Maybe that is the real reson Eriksgirl doesn’t let me mow – she just uses the MS as an excuse! 😉

  3. Dude, if it makes you dizzy, don’t do it. Dragoon some teenager.

  4. Don’t worry that was probably the end of the mowing days. Between that and the smell sensitivity I’m pretty much out of all unpleasant work!!! 😉

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