Jun 092005

The pillow featured below was made by one of my Aunt’s coworkers. When my Aunt solicited donations for the MS Walk it really touched one of her coworkers. Apparently she has Rheumatoid Arthritis (also an autoimmune disease for those who are unaware) and she was saddened at the prospect of my disability. To this point we have never met, and only talked via email after I thanked her for her very sweet gift. This was one of the sweetest things done for me ever. Factor in that it was done by a complete stranger and it is easily the nicest thing anyone has ever done! Wow!

The stitching in done in primitive format and the text below reads “He leads me beside still waters” Thank you again Jill! You can click on the image for a couple more pictures in full resolution:

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  2 Responses to “Gift: Primitive Stitch MS Pillow”

  1. People can be amazing sometimes.

  2. Very kind!

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