Jun 292005

Probably almost everyone has heard of this experimental drug by now – but just in case here is the link: FTY720, a novel once-daily oral medication, shows promising results. It sounds really nice – especially being an oral drug. I figured anything oral would be less effective rather than more effective. On the other hand I’ve lost some optimism now that MS drugs can be too effective. This is another one that sounds promising as a combination therapy – but it probably carries risks too. I’m definitely in the wait and see approach with this – optimistic that it is on the horizon, but I want a little time to make sure it is safe. Though the mechanism certainly sounds safer. Back to Tysabri, I spoke to my Neuro and he hasn’t heard anything from the Biogen rep. He remains uncertain that it will ever come back, and if it does he is certain that it will carry a black label. I remain with him I don’t want to kill myself to prevent disability!!!

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  1. Say, I’ve got a hangnail … think I should lop off the hand? Yeesh!

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