Jun 162005

If I am in an exacerbation it is virtually a guarantee that someone will ask me if I called my neuro to report the situation. Almost always the answer is no, and that I have no plans on calling. I suppose people have different views, but I am only going to call the neuro if I want something. Since I don’t want steroids every time I am in an exacerbation, especially these “minor” ones, then I see no benefit in posting them. Of course the symptoms all go into the symptom log for review at my next appointment. Maybe then a decision will be made to use the ‘roids to see if he can push Eriksgirl over the edge to put me out out of my misery! 😉

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  3 Responses to “Did You Call You Dr?”

  1. I’m with you on that one. Save the roids for when it’s important. They have a declining returns drawback if you use them too much.

  2. I usually don’t call until after the relapse is over! He hates it when I do that – but that way I avoid having to see him. It’s more of a bother. He would never put me on roids unless I requested them. He’s not like that, thank goodness!

    This current relapse has been the exception to my rule. I couldn’t handle the major spasms/clonus because they were happening at work. So I called him up and he prescribed Lorazepam over the phone. This has been the only time that I’ve actively seeked relief for my symptoms. Roids were absolutely not necessary – just symptom management medication. When this relapse is over, I won’t need to be on them anymore. 🙂

  3. Once I did have an exacerbation that I was really disliking the symptoms so I called to get something. Of course that meant steroids. It’s worth it sometimes – just not all of the time.

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