Jun 112005

Once again probably not the most interesting reading but the report may be interesting for some. Two things of note:

  1. There were no enhancing lesions. I had been asymptomatic for a couple of weeks so I figured that these were silent lesions. When nothing had enhanced then it was indicative that these just hadn’t healed yet.
  2. More freaking lesions on the frontal lobe. As if I can really withstand any more of a hit to my cognitive function. The neuro said that the frontal lobes are highly redundant and is the best place to have lesions. If they are so darn redundant then why am I continuing to see a loss in memory and logic function?
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  One Response to “5-5-2005 Radiology Report Posted”

  1. Hmmm, did they catch any lesions in the hippocampus?

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