May 022005

Well I got my vitamin D for the month while doing excessive outside work. Of course I’m probably headed towards skin cancer as I got a sunburn from my toes to my eyebrows; it did confirm that the MS burning that I feel in my back is very similar to a sunburn. 😉

On a side note Brandy noted that with the thought that MS seems somehow tied to a vitamin deficiency she wonders if my entire family has trouble metabolizing (is that the correct word?) vitamin D. It would certainly partially explain why the family lines have a problem with severe osteoporosis. Anything I can do to blame something on my predecessors! 😉

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  4 Responses to “Vitamin D Weekend”

  1. Hmmm. Yardwork as MS research. Interesting. I’d certainly prefer puttering around the yard with my shirt off to sticking needles into my butt. Sign me up!

  2. Heh … sunburn eh? And to think it got down to 32 degrees here last night.

  3. Rub some olive oil on that sunburn. The pain will go away and you’ll be nice and brown tomorrow! (Just stay away from any Italians)

  4. Mouse,
    I am so on board with the full body rub down in oil. Need to check with the wife and see if she’s into it too! 😉 Thanks for the tip/suggestion! 😉

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