May 062005

Well after making in again last night to MRI Central I asked, once again, about getting a copy of the images on CD. Most importantly I view this as very important to long term archiving, and for easier sharing with future medical teams. This time I got a response that the equipment is prohibitively expensive to do that sort of thing. The only thing I could think of was a film scanner which would be really expensive. But the MRI already has the digital images, all they need to do is dump them on a CD. Even if the MRI stores the images in a proprietary format I’m sure they also provide tools to covert it to more common image formats. I grabbed a business card this time, on my way out, and have sent an email off to their president (see below). I will switch MRI facilities over this.

On a side note when I was originally looking into this issue I contacted their sister company, also called MRI Central (hence the error), and they were more than willing to give me a CD of my images. Apparently, per talking to the worker last night this split was due to the owners getting a divorce. (I assume martial, but maybe they just had enough of each other and that was a just figure of speech.) Figures that my facility doesn’t put the (*^% images on a CD.

My Letter:

I grabbed your card while I was getting my fourth MRI at your facility on May 5. I will begin with every time, including this time, I have been incredibly impressed with all of your staff and your facility. It is obvious you have gone to great lengths to make sitting in a narrow tube as pleasant as possible for the patients, and their guests.

My concern is that I have repeatedly requested a high resolution digital copy of my pictures on a CD (or a DVD if space is a problem), but have been repeatedly told that you do not do this. On my visit last night I was told that the hardware necessary for that would be prohibitively expensive. I could certainly understand the cost problem if you were scanning in the printed films, which I am not interested in, but a CD, or DVD, burner can be acquired for under $200. I don’t understand why the digital images can not be pulled off of the MRI and burnt to some form of media, I would think that would be a similar process to what would be done for teleradiology.

I have spoken with other MRI facilities, and they were more than willing to provide a CD of my MRI images. I am hopeful that you can provide some insight, before my May 16th appoint with Dr. Daniel Hopson, into why MRI Central is unwilling, or unable, to complete this request. At my appointment I will be making it clear to Dr. Hopson that I wish to begin using a different facility, in the future, that can accommodate my request.

Thank you for your consideration.

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