May 062005

I got my MRI done last night so I could have the results by the 16th. For reasons I’m not quite certain about they sent me with the films, maybe something about their new contract with Dr. Hopson. Regardless, the same old routine in a narrow tube for about 40 min. Of course I wasn’t in the mood to look at them last night, but my wife cracked them out this morning. There were five very active lesions, apparently pretty silent (or at least in the recovery stages) since I don’t feel anything at the moment. Not a stellar way to start of my Friday! 🙁

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  1. I checked out your profile and saw that you love Cloak & Dagger. That movie is siiiiiiiiiiiick!

  2. Mike,
    Certainly Cloak and Daggar is not best movie of all time but Davy Osbourne reminds me of myself at that age both in my imagination and the games I would play. The movie brings back many fond memories of my childhood. I do view this as one of the must see movies on the path to becoming l33t along with War Games and Sneakers.

    Of course you must be a closet C&D watcher. Cupled with I see it in your profile too! 😉

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