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Certainly the million dollar question! It is surprising how often I get asked the question, or hear theories, on why I’m in an exacerbation. I really wish I knew, or someone could tell me, what causes my exacerbations so I could take measures to prevent them.

I do know that it wasn’t stress, unlike the first two exacerbations where the stress was certainly “coincidentally” was quite bad. I would like to blame some coworkers “lack of technical prowess” to be neuro toxic; but I certainly don’t have enough data for that yet! 😉 I was sick a couple of weeks ago, so it is certainly possible that it was viral, and it got the immune system up in a tizzy. Physical exertion does not seem to play a role in any of my exacerbations, though getting warm certainly doesn’t make them better. I can probably safely say that it is not a lack of glyconutrients that is causing the exacerbations!!! 😉

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  1. I remain convinced that some of my coworkers are so neuro toxic, much more so than VX, that they should be drafted, or at least regulated, as a weapon of mass destruction. Fortunately, I have developed some natural resistence over the years. 😉 Fortunately, I do work with some really great people too!

  2. Time to up the Wopperage and Milk !

  3. I never thought of another person as “neurotoxic,” great word. You may have something there. I’ll have to keep an eye on my neuroreactions when certain people are around.

  4. Neurotoxicity can be derived from extracts of may plants and vegitative matter. Much like some coworkers who are in a ‘persistant vegitative state’, but yet, still remain on ‘salary support’.

  5. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason! MS has no rules!

    I’ve had stress-induced episodes, and I’ve woken up in the morning with a problem – no provocation before hand. Those are the truly scary, because you never know what you’ll wake up with. If they were all purely stress related, at least you know what to avoid or expect.

  6. I find people’s insistence on extracting a reason for a relapse very, very annoying. They do it for remissions, too. I understand why, but it’s still annoying. I tend to respond with statements like “I don’t know – why are your eyes brown?”

  7. Katja,
    Now see that one’s easy. That’s because those were the color of the mail man’s eyes. 😉

  8. since I could talk, people have asked me this question “did you know you have two different colored eyes?”- my expectations of how others filter my neuro mis-firings through the “did you know” lens are somewhat lowered at this point.

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