Apr 132005

Well for the past two days the girdling has disappeared. Too bad that wasn’t the item to stick around, that was certainly the most minor of these minor evils. The tremors were holding steady for all of yesterday, and for this morning. The same for the burning on the back. Both of that changed as I got hot moving workstations/phones as some coworkers played musical chairs. Hopefully they are all happy now, and are properly feng shui’d, so I won’t have to repeat this process in a couple more months. Nothing like putting my 1337 SysAdmin skills to good use by moving equipment. 🙁 Getting back on track I got quite warm moving all of that and that certainly exacerbated both the tremors and the burning. Both are slowly getting better as I cool off and drink my Dr. Pepper.

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  1. Yeah, keeping cool while doing heavy lifting at work can be an issue. That, and your tie tends to get caught under the monitors when you set them down. Then, you yank your head back to free it and the monitor attacks back by landing on your foot. As you leap about clutching your crushed foot, you accidentially knock down a partition wall that has the water-cooler behind it … the water flies into the control pannel for the nuclear plant filtration system and then ITS A CHINA SYNDROME!!!! Moral: fake a bad back and make the boss hire union labor.

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