Apr 262005

Well we finished dinner (supper in Texas 😉 and Brandy had pulled out the Blue Bell to have as dessert. She was just about to get out the bowls when I remembered that it was injection night, and I didn’t want to end up with the milk chills, so I opted out. My nice wife decided that it wouldn’t be nice for them to have ice cream when I couldn’t, which opted the whole family out of dessert. I think this increased the whole fam’s displeasure with Rebif. 🙁 The real surprise is that my son (aka “The Ice Cream Nazi”) didn’t completely melt down.

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  4 Responses to “The whole family suffers from my MS”

  1. That’s actually quite a tender moment. I don’t think my kids would muster the intestinal fortitude to forego that frozen treat unless we produced a copious amount of chocolate as a substitute.

  2. I don’t have any reactions to food, but I am working on changing my diet to lose weight, so when the ice cream comes out, I say no thanks, and go off to sulk. I have a friend who is a vegan, with the attitude that he is not denying himself certain foods, he is choosing not to eat them right now. It’s a mental trick, but when I can get it to work, it really helps.

  3. Choosing not to eat this right now. I like that.

  4. Erik, you have such a great supportive family! So nice to see (read)!

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