Apr 262005

(I had my wife preview this and she said that I needed to make it clear that this is a joke. So there you go this is a joke, so laugh darnit!)

It has now been a month since my first battery a questions so it was time to do it again. 95% of the questions were the same, though some of my answers have changed. Both times they have asked about sexual function so I feel compelled to write about it (certainly to -S’s dismay!) The bottom line is that the MS, Rebif and Zoloft have made me even more of a stallion (too bad that wasn’t an option on the multiple choice section.) No doubt I am at least ten times more virile then I was when I was 18! (once again not an option on the multiple choice survey and no place to do a write in) The other question was about are you able to pleasure your partner – which we all know is hell yes! (again not an option) Can any self respecting male answer any other way?!?!

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  5 Responses to “Survey Answers: Sex”

  1. Heh … Rebiff causes shrinkage …

  2. Right on, brother. I know exactly what you mean. My wife is constantly telling me how exhausted she is, and we know why!

  3. I didn’t want to say this in the original post but the medication has added about an inch to my already well endowed frame. 😉

  4. Don’t forget the side effects from steroid shots: my neuro said that I would “suffer the three H’s…happy, hungry and horney!”

    I guess there is some compensation for having an exacerbation!

  5. Jim,
    I don’t know what steroids your dr. prescribes, but definitely let me know.

    I’d agree that they make me hungry, but I have way too much “roid rage” at everything and anything to be even remotely happy; and lets just say on some remote chance I was “in the mood” my bad attitude would have completely killed any chance I had for a month! 🙁

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