Apr 022005

We had a ton of fun at the MS Walk this year! We met all of our team, except one, before the walk. It was a beautiful day, and perfect for the walking! I didn’t get totals from everyone, but an early estimate is over $1,800 which is well over my goal of $1,600! We don’t ever stick around long after the walk for the festivities, and this year was no exception. Besides we all needed our weekend nap! I’ll try to get some pictures up this weekend, assuming I get all of my schoolwork done in a reasonable amount of time!

Thanks again to all those that supported us through their donations, and an extra big thank you to those that came and walked with us!!!

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  2 Responses to “MS Walk Was a Blast”

  1. I thought we stayed for quite a while after.. for us. You should post pics of you and Nate in the bounce house!! 🙂

    Thanks to everyone who walked or donated. It means more to us than you can possibly know.

    aka Eriksgirl

  2. Great Job! I can’t wait until my walk next Saturday! It’ll be my first time and I’m so excited.

    I’m glad to hear it really is a great experience. : )

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