Apr 012005
A Big Thank You to All Those Who Supported Me!

Well the fund raising for the MS Walk tomorrow is over. Our family raised over $1,300 which was less than my goal of $1,600. On the other hand we invited others to join our team this year, and with the 5 who will be joining us we easily cleared that mark. I should get final totals tomorrow. Overall, I am happy with this year’s fund raising, and it is over $500 more then we raised last year, and that doesn’t include the other team members!

The fund raising got off to a slow start with my work, and I thought would go very badly when my wife’s great idea of a bake sale (homemade cupcakes, which were very good) went really badly. At a minimum of $1 for a cupcake I thought they would all go; instead very few were sold and I was left displeased with my coworkers, who are more than happy to scarf down any goodies that are free (though my boss’s boss made a very generous contribution, my boss is in Houston and I didn’t hit him up). I then decided to send out an email to a little over a 100 of my coworkers who I know, and who know me, to see if that would raise some more money. While the participation was small those who did contribute were exceptionally generous.

The participation from my family was also small, especially when compared with last year. And while I expected less participation, it was much less participation than expected. On the other hand the three families that did contribute were extremely generous!!! A special thank you to them. Two of those families have been extremely supportive of us and the MS!!!

A very special thank you to those who contributed, and helped provide support for this cause as we look for a cure; and in the interim better treatments.

Well off to the races tomorrow, and I’ll try to get some good pic’s. I should have taken more pics last year with my wife 40 weeks pregnant! 😉 Overall I’m pretty pleased with the fund raising, and tomorrow should be lots of fun!

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  1. I got another large donation from another family member in the mail today. We’ll get that mailed off on Monday to the MS Society.

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