Apr 212005

Last night was the very first injection pain I’ve had in a couple of months, and the first since getting the new, smaller needles. Even the pain from that was minor compared to how bad it could be with the old needle. Certainly a fresh reminder of how much better the new needles really are. Of course it then begs the question, why didn’t they use this needle from the beginning? While not a major selling point for me, the smaller needle is definitely a big plus with Rebif at the moment!!!

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  1. Sorry those needles are a pain. Is it the needle, or the Rebif? I find sometimes it stings, sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t figure out if there is something I can do about it. I just rotate the sites, wait for the alcohol to evaporate, and grit my teeth. As my son said, when he jokingly wanted to start an ear-peircing service, “It only hurts for a minute!”

  2. Aw, stop yer whining. When I was on meds way back when, we didnt get needles. We had to strap the vial to a bottle rocket and shoot it into our legs. And we where happy to have that! Darned spoiled kids these days. Sheesh. 😉


  4. Clarke,
    You are certainly up late! -I guess me too, which is going to kill me tomorrow!

    I agree with your assessment the the medicine tends to hurt worse than the needles. Overall the entire process has been pretty good with Rebif, considering it is injections, and has gotten better with the new needles.

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