Apr 232005

I got my next 3 month supply of Rebif earlier in the week and was reviewing the expiration dates on the boxes. I noticed that 2 of the boxes had more recent expiration dates than some from the previous shipment. Apparently Walgreens is just doing a great job with inventory control to make sure the medicines FIFO. Regardless, I did a little internal girlie scream at the potential of going back to the larger needle. There was certainly some relief when I cracked open one of the boxes and it was still the newer, smaller needle. I am just optimistic that the other, equally old, box is the same. I guess I have gotten spoiled with the new needle and can’t deal with the thought of going back; so much for being tough! 😉

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  4 Responses to “I’m Turning into a Sissy!”

  1. Do you use the “Rebi-Ject,” I think they call it? The auto-injector? I am a huge sissy when it comes to needles, and I couldn’t imagine sticking a needle, no matter how small, into myself. But the auto-injector works great, and the only flinching is the Rebif itself stinging a little. If you have not tried it, maybe it would help.

  2. Heh, I just had a mental image of you screaming like a little girl, waving your hands about and then fainting. Kinda funny actually once you add sound effects.

  3. Stephen,
    I did a dry run with the original auto-injector and it appeared to go way too fast. I prefer nice and slow. I’ve heard the Rebiject2 is much better but I habven’t requested one, and currently have no plans on trying it. I guess I am too much of a control freak!

  4. mdmhvonpa,
    Well it’s pretty close to that, but it sure as hell isn’t funny! 😉

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