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Today was certainly an interesting day. I’ve had a three day weekend, and have gotten plenty of sleep these last three days. I would have hoped that would have been enough to get me back on the straight and narrow, but it has been quite the opposite. Today the burning has crept up the right of my spine, and now covers the majority of my back vertically – though only a couple of inches wide. Fortunately, the pain is very mild, 1 to 2 on the 10 point scale. It is also not present all the time, only where there is little to no pressure on the area. I have also begun to get the “girdling” around my calves, which basically feels like I have an ace bandage around them. I’ve had this before, though a long time ago, and so far it is very minor. This whole relapse has been very minor so far, lets hope it stays that way!

I should add that my wife is concerned that I am beginning to suffer from fatigue. I haven’t really noticed, but she can be more observant than me.

I knew we should have gone to Burger King tonight to get a Whopper to see if that would cure this exacerbation!!! 😉

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  1. hey, i hope everythings alright. if that whopper helps let us know! lol take care as i look forward to reading your posts.
    best wishes,

  2. I hope it stays minor and that it gets the hell out of dodge real soon!

  3. After reading the appendix to Climbing Higher, Montel William’s book, where the panel of MS doctors said that they had no reason to beleive there was any benefit to one diet over another for MS, I’m ready to get in line for my Whopper. It certainly would be cheaper, and more fun, than Rebif. Does this apply to breakfast sandwiches as well, or just the Whopper? Special Sauce, indeed!

  4. Sorry Erik. I think you may start to notice that things tend to get a bit worse before they get better. Hang tight and keep getting as much rest as you can. Seaonal changes can be a trigger sometimes.

  5. Erik, first time here and just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you and that your relapse not be to bad. My mom has MS we diagnosed 12 years ago. HUGS to you!

  6. Sounds very familar with relapse bit not the whooper bit! I think I am going through one too….maybe a whooper will help! roll on the take outs! I need to put wieght on anyway, lost a stone so far!

  7. Keep that sense of humour going and you will get over this hurdle. Enjoy the whopper!

  8. Thanks to all for the very nice comments! Still no Whopper, maybe that is why I continue to have problems! 😉

  9. I have a general question – I have noticed some vague symptoms that I fear may be MS realted – one of them is a “banding” sensation around my lower calf – a couple of inches above my ankle. It felt like a strip of masking tape or band-aids, or like Erik said, maybe an Ace bandage was wrapped around my leg for about a week. No pain at all, just an odd sensation. I was wondering if any of you with a diagnosis of MS have experienced this sensation, and whether it has a name? Thank you.

  10. What you described is exactly what I am feeling, and mine is definitely (as definite as anything gets) the MS.

    I use the term girdling (though my neuro was unfamiliar with the term) because that is how the NMMS describes the MS hug – which basically sounds like the same thing just not in the legs. Technically it is a form of pain (if only all of my pain was like this!) called paresthesia. You can read about MS pain here:

    Hope this helps!

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