Apr 032005

I haven’t been having many tremors lately, which I guess would seem to be a sign that the lesion has healed up some. On the other hand I found this article, Peripheral Cooling May Reduce Intention Tremor Associated With Multiple Sclerosis (Google Cache), a while back that seemed really interesting. While it certainly doesn’t sound like most pleasant treatment, the ability to write, use a keyboard, etc. is definitely very appealing if I ever get that bad.

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  1. I’ve personally found that I’ve been symptom free for the most part, all winter long. My symptoms really dropped off in November, when it really started to turn cool/cold. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, my symptoms are reappearing.

    I believe that I’ve been in a minor flare since last Sunday (Easter). Nothing too severe, but it doesn’t make me happy at all.

    During the summer, I use neck coolers a lot. They’re cheap and easy to use. They reduce your core temperature by one whole degree, which really is a lot in the grand scheme of things.

    I got a couple coolers from http://www.heatreliefdepot.com last year.

  2. Hmmm, this might explain my preference for near-artic conditions in the Manor. ‘No greater than 70’ is my motto for the summer months while ‘No lower than 60’ is the wife’s mantra in the winter. It’s a wonder we even manage to get along since she is the type of person who likes Peuto Rico in the summer while I like North Dakota in the winter. Go figure.

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