Apr 052005

Last night I got a call from NARCOMS (North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis) about a study. After Kay asked a few questions about drug use (Rebif in this case, nothing that I might be taking to make it more pleasant! ;-), relapses, etc. I was then invited to participate in the Achieve Study comparing the efficacy of Copaxone against Rebif and Betaseron. Of course this isn’t being done at the Dallas MS clinic, and thus I had to choose another location with the understanding that my travel expenses would be reimbursed. The choices were San Antonio, Galveston, and Wichita Falls. While Wichita Falls might be a little closer I picked San Antonio because it is a little more interesting than Wichita Falls! Besides I can go and visit the Alamo – indeed, Remember the Alamo!!!

I signed a release for NARCOMS to release my contact info the the San Antonio MS clinic today, and faxed it in. I would think I will be hearing something fairly soon about the details of the trial, though Kay with NARCOMS said that it is definitely open label. It is certainly still not a guarantee that I will participate, just that I’m willing to go to the next stage in evaluation. Following are the details copied out of MS Connection for the Minnesota Chapter. Of course I assume this is all correct, but it is basically the same info I got from NARCOMS so I would assume that is accurate.

Name: Achieve Study
Name of physician conducting study: Gary Birnbaum, M.D.
Purpose of study: The primary objective of the study is to compare the total number of confirmed relapses experienced by the patients randomized to continue their current high dose of IFN therapy (Betaseron 250 micrograms or Rebif 44 micrograms) to that observed in patients randomized to GS (Copaxone) treatment.
This study is: Open
Contact: The Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, April Vorwald, 763-302-4072.

I certainly encourage all of those with Multiple Sclerosis to take the NARCOMS online survey.

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  1. The minnesota chapter is rather large. Go figure.

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