Apr 082005

I guess it was bound to happen, and have been overdue to symptoms other than fatigue. This has been more of a walk down past problems. The tremors have gotten noticeably worse, up from being almost non-existent but not to the very severe that they were at one point. The other symptom is that I have a burning pain in my back. It is a really low level pain, and mostly just a nuisance. These have all been going on for about a week, so I think in definitely falls into relapseville. I get a much needed break on Monday, making it a long weekend; so hopefully I can get some R&R. This week has probably only been made a lot worse with my extreme lack of sleep, both at my hands and the kids; certainly less than healthy.

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  1. Sorry about the pain and lack of steady hands. I find tremours very scary and frustrating to boot. Maybe it is not a relapse as such. Maybe you just overdid it at the MS walkathon and at work. I know that even driving can exhaust me. I have symptoms that just never go away. Ear pain, especially when holding the telephone to my left ear, and the numb and tingly left side of my body that has slowly crept down to my toes over the last 3 years. But my last MRI showed that some lesions are subsiding. Funny, because I thought I had been feeling worse! I’m just an oxy-moron. Mostly moron because I never even asked my neurologist what type/stage of MS I have. I probably don’t really want to know. Anyway you just rest up all you can and you should hopefully feel better soon! I know there are bunches of us rootin’ for you.

  2. Crap. Sorry to hear you got knocked down … again. Hang tough as this will pass too. Remeber to keep your spoon usaged below your daily allotment. Oh, and help your body recover by eating a bit of fish and something to help you repair the myelin.

  3. I am also having a MS flare up,I am going on my third week.I have been avoiding my neurologist,because I do not care to have a steroid treatment.I prefer taking care of my flare ups myself!
    I hope that your flare up will end soon and not cause you too many problems.

  4. Mouse,

    What a sweet comment! Thanks for your kindness.

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well. I know the first MRI that showed Erik was improving came while he was in an exacerbation, and he felt almost like people would not believe he was having problems because his MRI showed improvement.

    Thanks again!

  5. It took me forever to log into blogger and I did not see the other sweet comments. Thank you mdmhvonpa for the good advice for Erik, and Laura I hope you feel better soon.


  6. Mouse,
    I definitely have problems that aren’t going away, short of a remylination treatment. For me it is loss of sensation in the hands, and they have a tendency to feel stiff all of the time (even though they aren’t). I thought I would always have the tremors but they had become so rare as the lesion healed that I guess there is a chance they may go away. I remember that when my MRI’s started showing improvement, yet I wasn’t feeling better, I had mixed feelings. I was glad that I was getting better, but upset that I wasn’t feeling any bettyer.

  7. mdmhvonpa,
    The fish sounds like a good idea, but I detest the flavor. 🙁 My wife feels the same way, so there isn’t much fish in the house. For health reasons I may start to eat some, but only after a few shots of whiskey.

  8. Laura,
    I agree with the steroids, and have no plans on taking any for this episode. I was just talking with my wife last night that the memory of just how bad the Solu-Medrol was is starting to fade. I would only consider using Solu-Medrol for significant exacerbations, this one is just a nuisance and doesn’t affect any “critical function systems.”

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