Apr 182005

A Monday, and yet a very good day as far as symptoms go – certainly surprising for the most cursed day of the week! 😉 The big symptom was burning in the back, and that only happened when I was really hot while working on lots of heavy equipment today – monitors, printers, etc. I guess a weekend away from trouble making coworkers, and then working my butt off in the yard, did the body some good. Though I did seem to start getting better on Thursday after getting really mad, maybe anger is a cure for MS – I hope so because I can certainly get mad! 😉

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  2 Responses to “Another Manic Monday ;-)”

  1. Nothing wrong with working a few pounds of sweat off in the yard … just make sure to keep cool and hydrated. Anger or ‘Force of Will’. I like to reason that the second is my saving grace. Altho … the wife says it’s pigheadedness.

  2. Maybe we are all just too nice and that’s why we have MS. We need that good adrenaline surge with eyes bugging out, foaming at the mouth kind of stuff, in order to remain normal. Just maybe you are on to something. Alas, I think that I shall probably have this condition forever.

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