Apr 282005

Came across this article the other day, “We shall overcome: Teen multiple sclerosis sufferer fighting to beat diagnosis,” and it was a little depressing. While I know it does happen, and I’ve exchanged a couple of emails with a 16 yr. old with MS, it certainly is not something that you want to see. On the other hand it looks like she has a really good outlook on the MS, which can be rare even for adults. I certainly can’t say that I have never cried over my MS, it was certainly a lot to take in at first.

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  1. I wonder if there is any sort of organization that pairs up younger MS people with older MS people, sort of mentoring thing. I don’t know if I personally have the perspective on it to be of much help, but I think it could be useful for kids who are trying to imagine the rest of their lives.

  2. Like a mentor program? It would probably be a good idea for MSAA or and organization like that.

  3. I agree! Great idea Stephen!


  4. I had my first MS attack at 15, I remember exactly when and how it felt, and it was just like attacks I’ve had since so I know now for sure what it was.

    Back then (’86) with no MRI or anything like that, doctors didn’t believe I was really sick. They said it was all in my head. It took me until the age of 27 to get the right diagnosis at last! And about 10 doctors. I had to fall over and go completely out on the left side (they thought I was having a stroke) to get them to take my symptoms seriously!

    It’s good for this girl that she knows what it is, and that she is validated in what she’s going through.

    I had so many misdiagnosis in the years before they finally figured it out…if I had a dime for every doctor I saw I wouldn’t need Soc. Security LOL.

    Keep fighting the good fight, people…don’t let the MonSter win. I’m not gonna. Thanks for blogging about your experiences and sharing them and info with us.


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