Mar 252005

Well as of Wednesday night I upped the Zoloft from 50mg to 100mg. There have been signs for a while that the 50mg wasn’t cutting it, as I was getting increasingly more sensitive. But things have recently taken a downturn with me just being sad/more sensitive. It definitely seems to point further to it being a lesion, or something related to a lesion, because my immune system got into a frenzy after the flu. None of the exacerbations were severe but I was basically reliving a lot of the same problems again. I guess I shouldn’t have expected the depression to be any different. I want so badly to stop taking the Zoloft but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime too soon. I am glad that it is available, and that it seems to work very well – other than the side effects. I am now back to my “normal” self, and hopefully I can go back down to 50mg soon.

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  1. 🙁

  2. Hi Erik

    I take Effexor. My dosage was doubled from 75 to 150 when my diagnosis was changed from transverse myelitis (one lesion one time) to Multiple Sclerosis. I hate that I am on it some days and think I am ok now and should stop. Then I have a down day and am glad I am on it for fear of how much more down I could feel that day. For me the worst days are when I don’t have the energy to do the things I want to do. I have learned to lower my expectations on what I want to do but that’s not enough some days. In the end I know it’s more of a benefit and detriment to my health and happiness so I suck it up and take it every day.

  3. The mood altering drugs are certainly no “miracle cure!” 🙁

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  5. its all mental

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