Mar 052005

Well after waiting almost a year to get “approved” for an appointment with the MS clinic I finally got a call on Thursday from them. I expected to be told that I wasn’t eligible, but they were actually calling the schedule an appointment. The second surprise came when she said March 11th. I was under the impression that it would take about 6 months once I was approved to actually be seen the first time. I have been assigned to one of their newer doctors: Robert Ulrich. I don’t really see how he has an advantage over my current neurologist, Daniel Hopson. Hopson did his entire residency at the highly prestigious SW Medical school too, but he also has many more years of experience when compared to Ulrich. I will definitely meet with him and see what the clinic has to offer, though I am pessimistic that they have anything better. At least I have been accepted as a patient for any future needs.

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  1. Good luck with that appt. I hope that the neuro turns out to be better than you expect.

    Everyone always says that an MS Specialist is better than a general neuro, but I really like my general neuro better than the specialist I saw.

    Sure, the specialist knew a hell of a lot more about all the minute details/ins&outs of MS, but he doesn’t take the actual patient into consideration.

    On top of everything else, he wanted to immediately put me on a bimonthly pulse of roids! Why?? I got the impression (big time) that it was a great method for him to get his patients to shut the hell up and get out of his hair!

  2. Ulrich has too much hair !! LOL

  3. My primary neuro, Hopson, has at least as much hair. 😉

  4. 6 months … whew! Sounds like my neuro’s schedule. I have to space my exaberations out with him so they fall on avalable dates! Like I can do that …
    Oh, and you know what really bugs me, the fact that exaberation is not at

  5. Good Luck with your appointment today !

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