Mar 242005

  • Are embarrassing to me: Strongly Disagree
  • Are noticeable: Agree
  • Are not a problem for me: Disagree
  • Are usually severe: Disagree
  • Interfere with my life: Strongly Disagree
  • Affect my personal appearance: Strongly Disagree
  • Occur frequently: Disagree
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  One Response to “Survey Answers: My injection site reactions”

  1. Are embarrassing to me? Heck no they’re more like my own MS Purple Heart. That way when I get around the Old Timers I can say somethin’ like, “Man do you remember that shot back in ol’ 2002 – whew doggie that one hurt! Ya wanna see the picture I took of that wound?! These newb’s with their fancy 29 guage needles don’t know what they’re whining about – bunch of damn sissies if you ask me!”

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