Mar 092005

I haven’t had 3 injections straight without the chills in too long. Seems pretty damning that it was the milk. I guess I just need to drink some milk on injection night to make sure. I am just ecstatic that it wasn’t the Dr. Pepper – otherwise I would just be having the chills every night because the DP is going nowhere! 😉 Milk just seems like such a weird thing to contraindicate with the Rebif.

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  1. Well I deleted the duplicate post and managed to delete the one with comments – ugh! There were two from MDMHVonPA:

    Given the proteins, antibiotics and BGH that is in commercial milk these days … I’m not entirely surprised.

    btw: looks like a double post there. Blogger on a rampage again, eh?

  2. CURSES! Foiled again.
    btw, go over to krisalis

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