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I’m sometimes shocked at what people will do to try and reverse their MS disability, especially when it is far from being severe. Furthermore, I certainly don’t understand why anyone would want to head off to Russia to get “cutting edge” medical treatment; especially when their leaders tend to go to other countries, Switzerland, for their treatment. I just think for the $20,000 Svetlana Galiyeva laid down for one treatment, would have been far better spent on a very good wheelchair and maybe a vacation (Disclaimer: I have no idea what a “really good wheelchair costs). It at least that is probably doing good things for the Russian economy, or at least the Russian mafia. Article here: Stem-Cell Craze Spreads in Russia

For those interested I have the cure for MS stored in my old Rebif needles that I would be more than happy to inject you with for the excellent deal of $15,000. I need half up front, and then I will meet you in Mexico for the infusion so we can skip all of the FDA red tape. For those interested just drop me an email! 😉 After we are done I will put you in contact with one of my Nigerian friends who is trying to move some $ away from some evil rebels who killed his family, of course you will be compensated for your troubles and it will more than cover the price of the infusion! 😉

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  1. That reminds me of the episode of South Park where Christopher Reeves was sucking the stem cells out of aborted fetus’ and Gene Hackman was his opponent.

  2. Well that was disturbing!

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