Mar 062005

For the second year the Smith’s are heading out to do the Dallas Tenet Healthcare Foundation MS Walk. We had a blast last year, though this time should be less interesting since my wife won’t be 36 weeks pregnant. You know it’s bad when the courtesy van follows you almost the entire way! 😉 I guess they were convinced my wife couldn’t make it (or possibly she was going to end up delivering our daughter on the side of the road), but it only served to really tick her off and made her extremely motivated to complete the walk. We will definitely be doing the 5K again, being a computer jockey I don’t get a whole lot of exercise. My wife sent off an email to a lot of my coworkers (and her ex-coworkers from when she was there) and we got quite a few additional team members. I wanted to be team 1337, but I wasn’t home when that was being selected. Maybe next year! 😉 Last year we raised $805, and I had hoped to double that this year. Maybe if all the people register, who expressed an interest, from work for our team then we can reach that goal; either that or I need to go and lay down some guilt at work. 😉 On a side note I put up an Epledge link in my right navigation bar; not that I expect my fellow MS’ers to pledge, but maybe some non-MSers will want to donate a little to the walk.

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  1. Erik do you have a PayPal account ? I would rather donate to the walk that way. Thanks.

  2. I responded via email.

    For everyone else if you really trust an anonymous stranger with your cash more than the NMMS online payment system that is certainly fine with me. My yahoo account eriksmithtx at yahoo dot com is an address where you can send money to me. If you are in the US make sure to give me your mailing address so I can have the NMSS mail you a receipt for your tax deductable donation.

  3. Thank you to anyone chooses to sponsor us!!!!!

  4. BTW: The main page seems to work for me now … odd.

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