Mar 162005

Weird since she doesn’t have Multiple Sclerosis but the have a clinical trial going on where they are looking for abnormal B cell activity in people with Multiple Sclerosis. They need normal people, as well as people with Multiple Sclerosis, to make a donation of spinal fluid as well as a blood draw. Fortunately, my wife has a superior clotting ability and never gets a spinal headache. I also volunteered but they said they would have to get back with me since they may have enough MS trial participants. For those with MS it is three spinal taps (lumbar punctures) and blood draws over two years. We were both willing to do it for free but when Brandy, and I, were volunteering the research nurse said it pays $200. That certainly pays for a nice dinner or spa treatment for her willingness to do a nasty test!

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  1. SPA! SPA! Go to the spa with that money! 🙂 Good for you and thank you for both taking part in these studies.

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