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All my experiences with SWMedical school staff has been that they are extremely timely and extremely friendly. This was no exception this time. In fact the infusion nurse actually took my son back to the infusion room (with me of course) to show him dry ice “boil” when put into warm water and the fog it creates. He had a great time blowing the fog!

Dr. Ulrich, much as I expected, didn’t really offer much. He is a general practice neurologist who just helps out in the MS clinic one day a week. He had far less experience with multiple sclerosis, and neurology, than my existing neurologist; and in all things experience counts for a lot. My referral was for them to asses if any changes needed to be made to my treatment since I was relapsing for frequently, but since then I have stabilized out nicely. He agreed with my current treatment of Rebif with no changes, which is good because I feel the same way. He then asked how I wanted to proceed and presented a number of options. I told him I wanted to keep Dr. Hopson as my primary neurologist and keep him for secondary oversight. What I didn’t say is that I don’t think he is nearly as skilled as my current neuro due to his lack of experience but I wanted to keep my place active within the MS clinic just in case.

I should also add that he seemed a little standoffish when he first entered the room. Of course this may have had to do with my ill behaved son (he knows he’s safe when there are other people around! ;-). Ulrich mellowed later. He did a very thorough neurological exam which was all normal except for the known decreased sensation in my hands and a little in my feet. When he had me do the walking test walking heel to toe I asked him if he was going to catch me, yeah right with him being much smaller than me. Let me emphasize that if I fall during a neurological test I’m taking the tester down with me both on principal and to use as a cushion – luckily it hasn’t happened YET! 😉 Ulrich did stay a couple paces behind, I’m sure under the guise of a better view, but if a redwood falls in the forest you’d better be more than a few paces away! 😉

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  1. Hmmm, almost make me want to move down there! Almost … except for them damn fire ants, scorpions, rattlers, killer bees and heat crazed imperial storm troopers.

  2. Spoken like a true yankee wuss! 😉

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