Mar 152005

Updated 3/21/2005
While waiting for Dr. Ulrich I noticed that there was a sign in the room for an Internet survey study for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Something I would certainly do for free, but this pays $75. There are 3 segments over two months each taking about 30-45 min to answer. I don’t know if this is open to the general MS community or only those patients of SWMedical School MS Clinic. Regardless for those interested I would contact Katherine Treadaway (email address removed at request – see email below) and ask about participating in the “Multiple Sclerosis Survey” for the Internet.

From: Katherine Treadway
Date: 3/21/2005
Subject: Clinical trial survey

Hi, I am the social worker in the MS Clinic at UT Southwestern and it was brought to my attention that information about our survey study was posted on your website, This study is for people seen in our clinic, there are some other sites participating but we have all gone through IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval so we can’t enroll people from anywhere else. I hope that you have participated, if not I can give you the website address, but I must ask that you take that off your website, otherwise I may be receiving emails galore from people who are not going to be able to participate (ex, the person who emailed me was from Wisconsin- and we do not have a site there)

Thank you for your interest,

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