Mar 042005

Since my nighly chills have gotten so frequent lately I have been looking for the common factor that is disagreeing with the Rebif. This was in response to a conversation I had a long time ago with MS Lifelines where they said the flu like symptoms should be all gone now, it’s probably just disagreeing with something I am doing or eating. She then gave the example of a nurse there who could not drink red wine on injection nights or she would get nasty reactions. I began to suspect milk when all I had for dinner was ice cream bars – yeah it’s healthy living at the Smith household sometimes, but at least it was yummy! Looking back I’ve also had a lot of milk products around dinner time, which is pretty unusual, like yogurt and just milk to drink. Last night I made sure not to have any large amount of milk products, and sure enough no chills. Of course I also took a lot of Ibuprofen before going to sleep so maybe that is what helped. Regardless, I’ll be steering away from large amounts of milk products on injection nights for the foreseeable future.

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  2 Responses to “Milk Contraindicating with Rebif?”

  1. Oh God, no red wine an cheese after dinner. I could not go on with life! Here is a thought though, take the Ibuprofen AND try an ice-cream bar. See where that gets you. Hey, you can use the bar to chill your injection site as well!

  2. There can be no loitering with the ice cream in our house. If you wait too long my son’s 1337 Ninja senses will go off, and he will jump out of bed and maul me for the ice cream. I’ve thought about putting a sign on his door: “Don’t taunt the sleeping ice cream ninja!”

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