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I took the survey on Friday finally and it did take me about 30 minutes to complete. It was typically only one question per page with about 70 pages. Of course you got different questions based on your answers so it could vary for different people. It also slowed me down because I PDF’d (is that a verb? 😉 every page for my archive. There were some interesting questions that I hadn’t thought about which made it interesting. I personally think they are over paying with $25 per survey (I certainly don’t make $50/hour at work!), but I’ll still take the money! Certainly it will probably be the easiest clinical trial I ever participate in! 😉 I’ll post some of my answers that may be of interest to others, and how I feel about the treatment and the disease. The real benefit will be if others post their comments about how they feel about the same questions.

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  1. Heh … 100$/hr. You know what really bugs me? When my employer charges 250/hr, I work a load of overtime and get paid my salary. THAT’s what bugs me. now if I could spend the day doing surveys …

  2. my fellow ms’er is correct….you get paid for this!!!! The US sound’s like an amazing country….god bless em, and all that sail in it!

  3. Or the average $S citizen is a greedy bastard who wouldn’t take even a simple survey to help with their disease for free. Your answer sounds better though, so lets go with that! 🙁

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