Mar 212005

Ugh. I got an email, I think on Friday, appealing to me to reconsider Mannatech’s Ambrotose. I asked him if I could post his email as a rebuttal to my arguments, but he declined. I suspected he wouldn’t reply so in my reply I did the nasty thing of making it opt-out if he didn’t want it posted. My Internet dark side! 😉 It was actually his response to my offering to post that was even better, being sincere. He did provide an explanation of the name which makes it less offensive, it is a derivative of the name of the sugar “mannose found in the aloe vera plant” – though I still suspect a double entendre. He also suggested that I look for articles referencing Glycobiology for peer reviewed articles. But the problem with that is Glycobiology (aka Glycomics) is an entire area of biology specializing in the unique characteristics of saccharides. There are certainly no shortage of peer reviewed articles on that topic. Maybe I could tweak my search to look for deficiencies, etc. but I have neither the time nor the desire at the moment. I would prefer if they (the pro Glyconutrients people) just do the leg work, but alas that doesn’t seem likely. And with my skepticism it doesn’t seem likely I’m going to go looking any time too soon. On the other hand I am sure I will continue to get lots of email as long as the page rankings stay as there are. How did I ever get involved in this glyconutrient mess?!?!

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