Mar 262005

Apparently I cannot have too much cheese with dinner or else I will also get the chills. I discovered this little tidbit after having some cheese in my Southwest Vegetable Soup for dinner. The chills were extremely mild both in duration and in the fact that I had almost no shaking. I assume due to the low milk content in a handful of cheddar cheese. I guess the real test will be tonight with the chills vs. the injection since I once again had cheese with my dinner. Of course the cheese injection chills are better than a child waking up in the night, so it seems like a walk in the park! 😉

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  1. Erik:
    I take Rebif as well – the only time I can remember getting the chills bit was when I ran out of meds and missed two or three doses, and when I took the next one, it hit me like a ton of flu. I take Tylenol Arthritis before every shot, and don’t get any flu stuff. I also took antidepressants off and on for years, before I was diagnosed and after, and had to try a few before I found Welbutrin, which I liked because there were no side effects. But it seemed to round off the corners too much, and I stopped it. So far so good, tho I just added St. John’s Wort to my daily suppliments.I don’t know what side effects you are experiencing, but maybe you could try another drug?

  2. Erik, I am happy to see that the humor is back. By the way, I am cold all the time, live in So. California, and am not on any medication yet! Maybe I should cancel the order for Beaseron.
    P.S. My doctor did offer me a choice and I picked Tysabri which my Doc had not heard of. I got doc’s okay on the day of the recall. Maybe I should cancel my doctor!

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