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There has been a lot of activity about a study suggesting why women get Multiple Sclerosis more frequently than men. (Article here: Genetic Variant May Explain Why Women Develop Multiple Sclerosis More Than Men) So does this mean I’m effeminate because I have MS?!?! Of course I read this and then my wife suggests that the hamster ovary product in Rebif is going to my brain, as she accused me of nagging. Maybe I’m gonna have to do something really manly to compensate for these blows. Maybe it’s time for a new car, Hummer anyone? Or maybe a really tough dog, pit bull maybe? Or maybe a new hobby, rugby maybe? Oh, who am I kidding – I’m a geeks SysAdmin; and according to Slashdot I’m doing great – and we know they’re accurate! 😉 That means I’m about a hundred notches above my peers, and that makes me feel good enough! Chic’s disease schmics disease! 😉

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  1. One little comment about nagging, and perhaps hen pecking and suddenly it motivates this post…

    Perhaps the slashdot poll may be more relevant than originally thought… Valentines is not looking so good!!!!


    You know who loves you, even when you NAG ME!!!!


  2. Of course it couldn’t be rooster pecking! 😉

    MDMHVonPA’s comment makes me feel a little better. Real Men are born in February!!! 😉

  3. Hummer anyone?” errr…. um, HMMWV perhaps? Damn sissy boy! 😉

  4. Heh, aside from that snarky/snide comment, I posted something along those lines here and the techie details can be found here.

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