Feb 152005

Camille (she has a nice new blog, which I have added to my pane on the right) commented asking why do I skip injections. A very good question. I’ll start by prefacing this with I skip injections extremely rarely; and probably only missed a half a dozen, or so, in almost two years. In theory I agree fully that I should take them all the time.

When I began taking the Rebif, in that really nasty first exacerbation, I knew that people tended to quit, if they were going to quit, at about the 18 month mark of taking injections. I thought I would never be one of those people, and would always be the one who never missed an injection. I am now almost two years in, and I am doing really well; and consequently I tend not to be so serious about the injections. My birthday was the first time I have ever missed two injections in a row, and based on the ReTox effects afterwards I am not going to do that again. 😉 Some nights I am just too tired, in too bad of a mood, etc. to put up with an injection; especially if I am too tired, because the more tired I am the more likely the injection is to be very painful. I would like to say that I wouldn’t skip any more, but in reality I will; though I will keep it around the current trend of a skipped injection every 3-4 months.

My rationale: I figure skipping one Rebif injection is just Avonex++ since I’ve just infused 88mcg of Interferon into my system in one week as opposed to 30mcg with Avonex. The one time I skipped two injections was than more or less equilivent to Avonex. The bottom line being that I’m not taking the ideal dose, but I’m at least getting something in the system comparable to a competing product.

My Recommendation (I am not a Dr. ;-): Try to take as many of your injections as possible, but don’t be real uptight about it; it’s not the end of the world if you miss a couple, and missing a couple isn’t that bad for you. If there is a “special occasion” or you’re just too much “not in the mood” than it is OK to skip the occasional injection. Especially if these breaks help you to maintain a positive attitude, and especially keep taking the medication. Bottom line is 152 injections out of 156/year is doing pretty well; at least in my opinion! 😉 (Don’t skip two in a row – the ReTox is awful! 🙁

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  1. hello, last fridays injection was the worst yet! i too injected my thigh (my 2nd worst place) it was so painfull but i did not remove the needle i agonized as i continued, also made a mistake and didnt look as soon as i got the sting, i hit a small vein,thus sending a small amount of blood into the syringe upon removing small amount of blood squirted as well.its ok now but it left a heck of a bruise. my husband noticed the bruise and asked what did i do? any way i do contemplate discontinuing my rebif because since i have been using i have been plain lousy. but i continue on hopefully i will benefit soon. have a great day. 🙂

  2. It took me almost a year before I found a nice groove with the Rebif. Not to say is always happy day, but I’ve gotten a feel for the best ways to do the injections with my body. I’m sure we’ll (my wife and I) get better as more time passes, and we have hundreds of more injections under the belt.

    On another note I am confident the Rebif is helping dramatically reduce exacerbation load/frequency for me. On the other hand it took about a year before it really kicked into high gear for me. Ugh, the first year! 🙁

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