Feb 122005

Well there were some lessons learned from Thursday’s injection, and fortunately not the hard way. I have taken to feeling around on my legs for any “knots” to make sure I don’t inject into one of those areas, I think I have been doing pretty well with that. For Thursday I picked my injection site and placed the freezer pack on my skin, normally the freezer pack isn’t pleasant but this time it was the worst it has even been – as in was exceptionally painful. I thought to myself that the freezer pack has hurt, but the injection has gone OK. Well my wife put the needle into the skin and that was excruciatingly painful, worse than anything I have ever experienced as far as a needle being inserted. I told her to pull it and we’ll find another location to inject. I chilled another area, which went very well, and the injection was one of the best ever. Lesson: if the needle goes in that badly than definitely change the injection site because something is wrong. This is something that we have just recently started doing, with pretty good success, and now will definitely continue with.

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  1. How much more painful then normal? I ask because last week my injections started hurting much worse than they had before. usually it’s just a slight prick, and now its a pretty painful burning until I remove the needle.

    -Becky (Rebif user)

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