Feb 272005

With almost half a box down with the new, smaller Rebif needle I am very impressed. As I’ve said before I can just barely feel the needle go in, and the injection itself goes very well. On the other hand I have noticed a radical resurgence of the chills at night. I have very little else to blame other than the change in needle size, but I am evaluating everything I can think of because I am really tired [pun intended] of waking up in the middle of the night with the chills.

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  2 Responses to “Rebif Injections with New, Smaller Needle”

  1. Erik try wearing gloves ( thin ) and socks to bed. Those cheap $ 1.99 brown gloves you can buy at 7-11 work good. Clarke

  2. Oh-oh … or you could wear that silk thermal underwear. You southerners and that thin watery blood! You need to come up north and ‘Toughen Up’ for a winter or two. Yeah, I’ll take you out to Lake Minnewaska in North West Minnesota and we can do some ice-fishing. Now that’s guaranteed to give you the chills! I remember last time I went, we tried to light a fire but when I struck the match, the damn flame froze solid!

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