Feb 092005

I definitely paid the price last night for taking off two injections. 🙁 The injection didn’t go all that badly, and I proceeded to go to bed early. Well two hours later I am up with horrible chills, and I never have chills when I get injections in my legs; at least not since starting Rebif. (Side Note: Why the heck won’t my body just allow me to sleep through the chills!!!) After about 45 minutes of shaking myself half to death, I finally made it back to sleep. No wonder I have cognitive problems after all of the excessive brain rattling during “the shakes” episodes. 😉 Then, to top things off, a couple hours later I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, and I have been excessively tired lately from lack of sleep so it wasn’t because I was rested. So after an hour of laying in bed trying to back to sleep I finally gave up and just went in to work. Of course that meant I was mentally shot the whole day. Hopefully this post is somewhat coherent. As I head off to bed I’ve taken some Benadryl to help ensure I stay asleep for the entire night!

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  1. If there was ever a day for methspresso it was today! 🙁 Caffeine and re-caf were definitely not getting the job done! 😉

  2. Damn, sound like you went int DT! Or is that ReTox? Hair of the dog that bit you is not applicable here, eh? Have you thought about some sleeping aids? I started haveing a glass of red wine before I sack out now … on the Doctors orders of course.

  3. erik, i was wondering why do you skip injections? i dislike them,however the long term they are supposed to decrease exacerbations. as a matter of fact on wednesday when i gave myself the rebif injection on my left thigh it was so painfull, i persevered but little to late i mustof hit a vein.there was blood in the syringe, not much though.i am usually so carefull,but i guess that will happen as due to the frequency of the injections. i will be carefull friday! anyway i wanted to say i enjoy reading your blog,i have been for a couple of months. your blogs are very interesting ..take care,camille

  4. I posted my response to Camille and Why I skip some injections

  5. I hated Rebif when I first started.
    I got the night shakes bad too.
    I hated it so bad I started ‘forgetting’ to take injections too.
    I used to think I was allergic to hamsters or something. Read the package 🙁

    You have to inject it in the morning or later in the day.

  6. Anonymous,
    I’ve read the box. I guess we first had killing the rabbit and now we have killing the hamster. 🙁

    Surprisingly, subsequent times stopping and starting Rebif did not result in the bad side effects. Maybe because they were using nicer hamsters. 😉

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