Feb 172005

The injection itself went well, but I still got minor chills. At least the chills were really minor, with no shaking. That’s four injections in a row that I got the chills. At least it is getting progressively more minor, so I am optimistic that was the last bout of them for a while.

An interesting side note was that I fell asleep with pressure on that injection site. Historically doing that, especially with my arms, will result in the chills. I don’t see the connection, unless that gets the medication into my system quicker?!

I still don’t understand why my bod can’t sleep through the chills, especially the minor ones. At least I now seem to be full ReToxed since there were no chills with the Wednesday injection. 4 injections gone amiss over missing two, metal note to not skip that many again!

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  1. Hey Erik – This is isn’t about your injection sorry 🙂 I’m curious about your yellow ribbon icon that comes up in blogger? Is this MS related?

  2. Maybe this is what you are referring to:
    Favorite/Bookmark/Tab/URL Icon

  3. Just a comment about injections and pain. My wife gets Avonex injections once a week. One hour before she gets the shot she takes Vicoden. Clarke

  4. Clarke I moved your comment to this post since I accidentally posted the story twice. Sorry!

  5. Clarke,
    I’ve never heard of a Avonex person saying that they had an injection “go well.” I guess something about it going into the muscle makes it always hurt. 🙁

  6. Greetings Eric>

    Do you take an NSAID when you do you injection to help with the chills & flu symptoms, and have you tried different ones? I take ibuprofen with my shot to minimize the flu effect. Tylelenol has NO effect and asprin and Aleve help, but are not enough. And it has to be 2 ibuprofen….

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