Feb 032005

My wife sent me the article Medical bills lead to personal bankruptcy today, and I thought it was worth writing about. I’ve had a very similar thought, if I lost my job I could not afford my medication/Rebif. Heck, I was going to have trouble affording my medication the way this year’s health insurance plan was originally written. This is why I go to great lengths to hoard as much Rebif as possible (currently an extra 3 month supply) in case something bad happens. I would certainly be one of those people that, without insurance, would be going without.

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  1. That was one of my greatest fears until the Mrs made sure that she was impossible to get rid of at her job at the ‘Major International Fortune 500 Pharma’ company. Now I’m on her health care. Funny thing though, it ends up that I’m better off off the drugs than on. Go figure. If things get bad, move to Canada. Socialized Medicine is nice if you can stand the cold. Oh, and Happy birthday.

  2. As I sat and watched a news segment this evening about medical debt leading to personal bankruptcy it scrambled my emtions a bit. I filed bankruptcy last year because I was drowning in medical debt. I have insurance which is just one notch above being better than nothing. My neuro wants me on Copaxone daily but my insurance denied coverage. Every year it seems like they cover less and less. I don’t blame you for hoarding meds — I would be doing the exact same thing. Best wishes to you!

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