Feb 252005

Came across the My Shoes site where “celebrities” can donate their shoes to help raise money for MS. Kinda a cool idea. Maybe I should do a spin off called Keep Erik’s Shoes On. This is where I go around the various offices during my work day without shoes, and when people are tired of my foot odor then they can donate to the National MS Society and I’ll put my shoes back on. I knew these stinky feet were good for something! 😉

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  1. Ugh, I’m having flashbacks of our childhood road-trip vacations and being stuck in the car with those feet! I’ll pay to keep those things covered!!

  2. Erik: I suppose I posted a blog (don’t know what that is) to you but I don’t know where! I just know I read a post and clicked where it said Comment then hit Publish. I didn’t realize it would be posted for world! Guess I’m new at this stuff, anyway, I hope you find it and get it. We’re new MS’rs, just trying to adjust, adapt, and learn. That’s what my message was all about.

  3. Erik, did you notice John has pics posted for his canoe trip ? Here is the link for anyone to enjoy >>> http://www.fightingms.org/my_page.html <<< Take Care ! Clarke

  4. Stacey,
    Too bad I didn’t think of this when I was younger. And you could have stuck your head out the window anytime you wanted to, if you really wanted some fresh air! 😉 I’ll definitely remember this the next time I am at your house to try and raise a little extra cash! 😉

  5. The missing/lost comment is here.

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