Feb 092005

I was going to go to bed and then I came across this page and just couldn’t resist posting. I didn’t even know about these stormtrooper groups, but at least they are helping raise money (and awareness!) to the cause. I can only assume that they don’t have MS because those suits look really hot!

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  1. Hey Erik,

    Thanks for posting a link to the Stormtroopes efforts. We’ve known a couple of these guys (and gals) for a few years now, and you couldn’t ask for more generous friends.

    My partner and I will be joining them in the Walk, but not encased in 40 lbs of high-impact plastic, of any color!

    Best of luck to you in your journey.

    Evo Terra
    The Dragon Page

  2. Holy smokes! AZ in the summer … in those pressure cookers! New found respect for these gutsy guys!

    Hey, what is up with your comments … did blogger do another ‘mystery upgrade?’.

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