Feb 142005

For my birthday I decided to go bowling (10 Pin Bowling for those in Canada/England) with my wife. It was something I hadn’t done in a really long time, plus the MS finally gave me an edge. Not that the MS would make me better, but would provide something to blame if I did badly, or if I did real well say that I did that with Multiple Sclerosis! 😉 Unfortunately, that was little consolation on the first game (or first ten frames) when I think I set a record for my number of gutter balls. It took me three frames to score a 1! I was seriously considering pulling up the guard rails, that they provide for kids, to prevent all of my gutter balls. At least on the second game (next ten frames) I scored in my normal range, about 107 with a couple strikes and spares. Unfortunately, once again, the MS didn’t provide the level of gloat material I was looking for either. Moral of the story: when it comes to game play, Multiple Sclerosis excuses are less than satisfying! 😉

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  1. Being honest I was probably looking for an excuse in advance for when my wife beat the tar out of me! 😉

  2. hi erik..i have missed bowling. i saw your video and thought i wonder if i could do it. i was diagnosed with ms january 1999. i was never good but i loved it. i wonder if i would fall and embarrass myself!

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