Feb 262005

I got this Ebay auction in an email. Certainly a creative way to try and raise some money. Disappointingly there seems to be very little interest. Especially disappointing after people have sold pieces of their body for the same purpose. 🙁 I guess most distressing of all is that she is doing this to help pay her MS medical expenses. 🙁 Ugh.

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  1. She still has seven days, in my tired state I saw seven hours. Hopefully this will work out well for her and her family in the time that is left.

  2. I see one bid for $ 100 for the advertising space, also their other item ( 2 mystery boxes found on doorstep ) has 36 bids, up to $ 125 and still 7 more days. They have better luck on eBay then I do. Clarke

  3. Erik erase some of those for me. I was getting an error message. I guess it was working after all. SORRY ! Clarke

  4. Sorry for so many posts Erik, Every time I tried I got an error message, well it looks like they all went thru. Please erase all but one, or leave them, maybe people will laugh and think I am a retard !!! 🙂 — )>< }}}*> ———————————– This is the last one ( really ) LOL

  5. All cleaned up so no worries. I’ve done the exact same thing before because of some dumb Blogger error and I end up publishing my comment a ton of times – usually to someone else’s site! Ugh.

  6. BTW: the link on the side bar with the title “Erik’s Home Page” goes to http://erik.thesmithlife.com/ … it does not seem to work, go figure.

  7. Looks like Erik accidently wrote * eric * instead of * blog * I think it should look like this ( the correct link ) >>> http://blog.thesmithlife.com/ <<<

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