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On Saturday, when preparing for the injection, my wife noted as she was pulling off the cap that she thought she bent the needle. (She did a little bit, but it didn’t make any difference) That had never happened before so I asked to see the cap so I could see if these were the new 29 gauge needles. Well quite to my surprise it was the black cap, instead of the gray, proof that the needle is the new smaller one. Definitely some really good news since I didn’t think any of the 5 boxes I still have contained the new needle, and this was the oldest box so the rest should all have the new needle. I couldn’t even feel the needle go in and the injection went equally well, but I’m more interested in how much it improves the injection long term. On the other hand smaller is always better when it comes to needles! 😉

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  1. Did you also get the new Rebiject II? Just call them up and have them send you a new one, free.


    (I’m on Beta, though)

  2. I will probably get one, but I’m too much of a control freak to actually use it. I know they say it is better, but a spring loaded injection device just doesn’t appeal to me. Besides the last one had way too much force.

    Personally I like the ability to stop mid-way through. I will get one in case I have hand problems at the same time as my wife is unable to inject me (for whatever reason.)


  3. So that’s why Biffers call them Autoinflictors!

    I love my Autoject for my Beta. It’s my best friend. It doesn’t have too much force and just a little snap when I press the button.

    I’ve only had one manual injection, which my boyfriend did for me. It hurt a lot, he was pushing the med in too slowly. That’s what I like about the Autoject, it’s over and done with in 5 seconds. It’s finished before I know it.

    Don’t think of yourself as being a control freak about it. Most Biffers don’t use the Rebiject because of what you’ve mentioned. I really hope that the new one really is better for everyone, which it supposedly is.

  4. I used to use the needleless injector and found that it would make a stunning mess out of my leg. Control is EVERYTHING.

  5. I never actually used the auto injector but during my testing, with a water refilled syringe, it had more flow than the average water gun. I did a girlie scream just thinking about that being used on me. Of course I kinda figured you were into that kind of thing based on your previous injection erotica! 😉

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