Jan 162005

I’ve finally had a really good vivid dream with Zoloft. Usually they are just normal weird dreams, but last night I dreamt of the worlds greatest water slide. Now that is just cool! On another note, what really surprised me is that when I stopped taking the Zoloft for over a week, and when I forgot it for about a week, and I quickly lost all clinical benefit I still retained having the really vivid dreams. I am very thankful, after being on Zoloft for almost a year, that I have only had one vivid bad dream. Fortunately my wife was right there to cuddle with me! 😉

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  1. Sweet. Do you remember that movie: Bill and Teds excellent adventure. Your dream reminds me of how Napoleon was standing over a map of europe in the end and was showing his generals how he wanted to build water slides everywhere. Ok, yeah, it was like a decade and a half ago …

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