Jan 092005

Serono has a couple teleconferences towards the end of the month on Worsening Multiple Sclerosis. I’m sure they’ll be a real upper! 😉 I’ve registered and will post the highlights; assuming I remember to attend (and if I’m up early enough for the Saturday one! 😉 Here is the site if anyone else is interested: MS Lifelines Teleconference Series

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  2 Responses to “Upcoming Serono/MSLifeline Teleconference”

  1. I’m gonna try to catch the teleconference too… or may just catch the highlights here on your site! LOL

    My MS has gone completely nuts these last few weeks. I’m beginning to think my luck has run out. :sigh:

    Thank you for all the info you post, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. Hi erik
    I wish I could join it sounds great, dont think it will be toll free from england! looking forward to your update…if you get up!

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