Jan 262005

On Friday, when I got the good news about the insurance, my tremors resurfaced after being gone for quite some time. Since then I’ve had a lot of bizarre symptoms from the past. It is if I am getting to cycle through my couple year history of the disease. Fortunately, every thing has been pretty mild and short lived before I move onto the next thing. I think I sent my body into shock on Friday, after getting the good news, because I all but pulled an Archimedes, though I skipped the running through the office naked yelling eureka. 😉 I’m sure my coworkers are glad I didn’t go quite that far! I think that much excitement must have woken up the MS which had laid dormant for a while. 😉

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  1. Hmmm, running through the streets of Syracuse (NY) right now in the buff? Becca would be amused for certain and I think that the Fellows of the Polar Bear club would grant you an honorary membership!

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